Saturday, April 30, 2011

Do you remember???

All the things your parents told you to do and not to do?
Yeah, aren't they geniuses??
Mom and Dad
I'm sorry that I had "to do things my own way"
You were right
I said it!
You were right!

*Hubs and I were watching College Softball the other night

I should have listened to my parents and went on to play in college

*I spent the afternoon with some kids getting ready for prom

I should have listened to my parents and went with some girlfriends
and had a blast

Other things they were right about.....

Don't have a serious boyfriend in high school
(I wasted time on some turdheads, yeah I said it!)

Spend all the time you can with your friends
(I miss them all now)

Have alot of fun and break some rules!
(no nothing illegal)

Enjoy every minute and don't hurry time
(time flies!!)

I sure hope our kids listen and learn from us!
Fat chance right?

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