Monday, April 11, 2011

Have I ever told you??

that I am the most organized procrastinator you will ever meet?
i love cleaning and organization
but I am always late to things
im a walking talking contradiction

i love spring cleaning
well i do a fall/winter/spring/summer cleaning

so with being under the weather and stuck at home
i was feeling a little better
and decided to wash our spring/summer clothes
and pack away the winter

speaking of packing
yes we don't move till our house is built in October
but I have been slowly packing and organizing things we don't use
(trying not to be an organized procrastinator)

i feel so clean and organized :)


The Sweet Family said...

ugh, packing is such a chore. However, I loove to unpack. I think I could do it for a living LOL. Closet looks great!

Genn said...

Hi there! So glad you left a comment so I could find you. :)
I see you have two blogs, so which do I follow? Or do you update them both on the regular?
I just cleaned out closets around here too. Feels so good. Only we're not moving.
Nice to meet you.

Erica said...

Thanks Brandy :)

Hi Genn! I update on both blogs just been super slacker lately on my running blog :)