Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A day in the life....

I'm one of those weird people that beat myself up for being lazy but then
When I am busy doing stuff I think, I wish I could be at home relaxing
then when I am relaxing I think, dang I should be doing something.
It's neverending.
But I have have figured out what makes me feel ok about sitting at home on my couch on the days off....
It's this......

Lovely little Griffin and my furbabies sleeping :)
See I am telling you all I need a baby of my own! hahaha
Maybe God is just waiting for us to get our house done, speaking of..............
They are mudding away at the house!  That means it is getting closer!!!
Happy Wednesday!

1 comment:

hannah singer said...

hooray for house coming along! wow, how exciting! and you DO need a baby of your own. praying for a baby for y'all xoxo

p.s. if you are bored, you can read about our baby journey on the "elijah's story" button on my blog:) love ya!