Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Surprise Parties = Panic Attacks

SO I don't like to keep secrets and I hate lying even more.
Even if it is a good thing.  It's still hard.

Although my brother and I were the typical fighting all the time,
tattling on each other, and disagreeing on every level when we were younger.
We are great friends now.  I am pretty sure he would help me out no matter what I needed.
And I would do the same for him.

My SIL asked me to help her out throwing Loren a Surprise 30th.
Me= Hells Yes!!
I love parties and planning.
So we got to work and had the best surprise everrrrrrrrrrr!
It was sooo hard and stressful to keep it secret.

Thanks to everyone that came and helped in the ordeal.
Your all Rockstars :)

Love you Big Brother and glad you liked your party!

Hubs told him he was going to play poker with the Docs from the ER.
hahaha his face was priceless

Happy 30th!!

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