Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What is blogging about?

I sometimes forget why I even started blogging.
I hear all the different comments...
Why do you want everyone to know what you are doing?
Aren't you scared someone is going to stalk you?

I started this blog for me.
I wanted to document life, the ups the downs, and all the things in between.
I wanted to blog for friends and family.
I have high hopes that one day I will be able to blog about little ones.
I try not to think about some stalker out there reading my posts trying to figure out my life.

I like to read about other families.
I like to make friends.
You can learn so much from reading blogs.

At some point all bloggers think about how many followers they have,
what posts will create web traffic,
and comments (all bloggers love comments)
and we also would love to be a "known blogger"

I read an amazing post today from one of my favorite bloggers.
Lindsay at
seriously go check her blog out.
she is super cute and a fab painter.
I can't wait to buy some of her canvas' when we get in our new home :)


Ashley said...

I feel ths same way about blogging as you do! For me blogs have helped me cope so much with our infertility journey. In return I post about a lot of things we do hoping it will help someone else too! There are so many amazing people out there!

Erica said...

Totally agree Ashley! I am reading a couple books I think you would like if you havent already read them.

hannah singer said...

amen, girl!
blogging has been such an unexpected blessing for me. so much encouragment and challenging blogs out there!
and cool people. like you.