Sunday, October 16, 2011

Life and living it....

WARNING:  Long post and sappy so if you don't like long posts I have a shorter one coming up :)

There are 2 things that I think about all the time while going thru life.
Yes they are silly things but I am sure (hoping)  lots of people think it.

I wish we could walk around life with music playing.
Like you see in movies.
The music that makes you even more emotional.
Be it happy, sad, or mad.

My other wish is to have pictures of everything.
Like the ones you see in your head and heart.
The ones you wish you could tuck away and bring out and show people.
Just as you see and feel them

There are moments in life that you think are minimal but make your heart so happy.

I wish yesterday there was a soundtrack.
And pictures taken like the ones I felt in my heart.

Mike and I are getting ready to go to a hospital gala, That is a whole post in itself :) But I was needing a dress, shoes, and purse of course.  My mom needed to go to Bloomington for something so it seemed perfect to set up a date with my bff Lo.  I overselpt and was a little late to get my mom, we were rerouted due to a bike race in btown, got lost about 4 times, stopped at 4 different places for my mom to use the restroom and each time they either didnt have one or said employee only.  The place my mom needed to go to wasnt open and we had a little argument talk with the people at David's Bridal about just wanting to buy a dress and not wanting to make an appt.  We even stood in line at Big Lots for 20 mins before just walking out.  Yes, lots of bumps in the road but we just laughed it off and had a good time.  I am pretty highstrung so normally I would have been ticked off all day from these things and just went home.  But for some reason I was just at peace and enjoyed the day.  Mom, Lo, and I went to lunch, did lots of shopping, and had some good girl talk.  It was so fun!  I can't explain to you how much my heart wanted to bust all day.  It was just a good good day.  On the way home mom and I had great talks and even teared up some.  I love talks with my mom.  After dropping her off I turned on the radio and rolled down the windows and breathed in the fresh crisp fall air.  The scenery was beautiful and it just seemed like the radio was playing all my favorite songs.  I sat back and just drove, thinking of all the curve balls we get thrown in life and all the blessings that are also thrown our way.  Times like these I wish I had a picture of the day and could tuck it away and show to my children.  I am truly blessed and I don't thank God enough.  Days like those make life worth living.

Love you so much Mommy and Lo!

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Lesley said...

I had so much fun yesterday! Makes me miss you and our random day/evening time together when you lived here. We definitely need to make a habit of this! Love and miss you!