Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's the Little Things: Around the house

Aisle to Aloha

I love love love the blog by the cutie patootie and fun Miss Lindsay, From the Aisle to Aloha
See isnt her blog name even cute!!

She hosts the little things link up on fridays.
I have been wanting to do it so finally got my hiney in gear!

It's all about the little things that make you smile and brighten your week.

Over my vacation week I got the good old Canon out and took pics of the things that make me smile and feel blessed :)

Invitations I made for our Fall Party at the end of the month.  Anything fall makes me smile!

Little Bears that I still have from my childhood.  Makes me remember putting out Halloween Decorations with my momma.
Amazing housewarming gifts from our lovely friends The Dooley's!  You guys always make us smile.

This amazing smelling candle makes me smile as soon as I walk in the house.  I seriously do the stop and sniff everytime I walk in the house!
A clean and organized Craft room.  Pics of my little nephews.  and the realization of endless possibilities with craft stuff and pinterest!

Never thought a microwave would make me smile so much!  So many cool gadgets!

We are seriously blessed with this little sweet deaf cat.  We actually layed in bed the other night having a conversation of how terrible it must be not being able to hear, then she sleeps so peacefully with all the commotion in our house and reminds us that silence is sometimes the most calming of senses.

My new Vera makes me smile really big!  It holds everything, the straps are the perfect length and do you see it????????
 See it yet??????????  That's right little Snells Snails!!!

Seriously if you don't have one of these, get one!  Absolute blessing with Tile floors!!
Seriously a vacuum cleaner makes me smile!  Its the little things!
Something to spruce up the Garage door entry to the house.

The blessings of fall mums and lots of friends and family to welcome over!
Sunsets ALWAYS make me smile.

It's the little things in life that make life perfect.  The fact that I see an S and realize I am blessed to keep the initial of my maiden name and have hubs last name!!

Thanks for stopping by my little things post!  Hope you all have a fantastic Weekend!!


Caroline and Kyle said...

I'm dying for that dyson vacuum. My friend has it and I borrow it ALL the time!! I'm in love.

Guatmama said...


So good to find your blog! It was nice catching up with you and all you are up too! Your pics are amazing, Im looking for a new camera, what type do you use?!? Any tips?
Ashley Graber (from WB)