Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 6/365 {Date Night}

Yeaaaahhhh Buddy Date Night at the Home Depot!

(I must tell you why I look like poo. Ok so first I am going for like 15-20 days of not drying or straightironing my hair to try to get it healthy again and Im not wearing make-up to get my good complexion back. Also I must have put back on the 21 lbs Ive lost in one day in my cheeks, holy chubby face batman!) ok off tangent...

Date nights are the best! Especially in cheesy painter hats.

Meet my new herb garden, it's name is Lisa. Hubs told Lisa it was nice knowing her... he better watch it! He's gonna get my "non green thumb" where the sun don't shine :)

Happy weekend friends!


Andrea said...

FYI.. You look the same with or with out make up.. very pretty!
and P.S. rethink the whole "Non green thumb where the sun doesn't shine" thing hahahaha <3 ya girly!! And good Luck with Lisa!

Whitney Dyer said...

Remember me from 5th grade Y ball? LOL! Just started following your blog! You are sooo good at it! You definitely inspire me to do better at mine! Look forward to your new posts! Take care!