Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pantry reorganization....

To all my lovely readers who have been wondering about my pantry redo.
I am so sorry I never check my FB and a friend told me that I had messages on there.
Plus alot of people have asked me about my soup can holders and wall organizers.

The baskets are totally cheap-o!
Dollar Tree!
I love that store it is God's gift to crafty/thrifty women!
They were just baskets from in the storage section
and I just nailed em to the wall with some little nails.

The soup can holders.
I made them :)  But I can totally not take credit for the idea.

I love her blog!

I just used some cute scrapbook paper I had.
It works like a dream!

There ya go! Happy Crafting!


Ashley said...

love love love the idea of the baskets in the pantry! we just downsized and i need all the space i an get lol!

The Sweet Family said...

I also loove the Dollar Tree...I bought tons of those same baskets and some plastic shoe boxes to organize all of Isabelle's toys and it was much, much cheaper than getting them all at a container store...and they are all so pretty...PS love the can organizer :)