Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fun times ahead

I am off for three days and can't wait. Lo and I are going to get our hair did tomorrow hahaha, it is so fun every 6 weeks for us to go gossip, be girly, and shop!!! I hate that I will be moving soon and be away from all my awesome friends here but I know our life is changing and Princeton is where it feels like home. I am already planning trips to btown to spend with everyone. I have started packing things and can't wait to be in one place.
I have my interview friday with Deaconess and I am really nervous. I really hope to get the job but just hate interviewing. It should give me great experience.
Evan has another band competition this weekend. His birthday is next weekend and we are planning on doing something fun for him.
My friend Robyn and I are going to the movies. I havent seen her for a while and can't wait to have some fun girltime. We are going to see that new My best friends girl movie.
Mike started at St. Mary's this week and seems to like it so far. I am sure he will do awesome because he is such a good, caring nurse. Well it's time to do some laundry, clean, pack, nap, then off to Greenwood with Lo!!! Have a great weekend everyone.

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