Thursday, October 2, 2008

Life is great!!!

So, I finally heard back from Deaconess. I got the job and will be working the ER there. More trauma here I come!!!! I loved working in Bloomington ED and love everyone there but my life is changing and Deaconess will be just a great learning experience and hopefully be my choice of work for many years. More stuff was moved to the house in Princeton, yes I know it is taking me forever!!! I just smile at all times at how my life is coming back together. Another weekend of family time and band, also Evan's birthday which should be a great time.
Mom and Dad and I went to Loren and Kari's tonight and my nephew Cooper is sooooo stinkin cute!! I seemed to have lost my camera but soon will have more pictures when I find my camera. I know I might be biased but he is just so handsome and so well natured. As all of you know, Cooper takes after Kari and not Loren. hahahaha.
Well I am heading off to bed, long day tomorrow. Have a great weekend everyone!

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