Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Amazing fall weekend!!

I am so bad at opperating this picture thing hahhaa. I wanted the pics in a diff order but anyways here they are. We had a great weekend and even had Evan yesterday because of his fall break. Friday night Mom and Dad came down and went to dinner with Mike and I in Eville for my bday because I have to work thursday on my bday. We went to shop for a bit till Mike got off of work then met up at Texas Roadhouse. The food was yummy as always and we had an amazing time with my parents!! I felt like my parents actually enjoyed our company. I was so mad at my dad and Mike because they asked the waiter to do the birthday thing for me and I had to get up on a wooden saddle in the middle of the restaurant it was so embarassing!!!! My parents got me some great gifts but the fun we had was better than any gift.
Saturday I went to Jeffersonville for Evans band Regionals. They got gold and are going to Semi-State!!! GO OBR!!! So its off to Franklin next weekend. Mike actually gets to go this time which will be nice. We made dinner saturday night for when Mike got home from work and we had a great time with our little family. As much as I hate that the boys play their computer and video games just being in the same household is a good feeling. Sunday we hung out and went to John and Stephs for a bonfire and watched the colts game (what is up with them, they are stinkin it up right now). Yesterday we carved pumpkins had lunch and took Evan home. I had my first physical yesterday with Deaconess and just driving down the road to the hospital I was just all smiles, like ive said it is bittersweet because I love Bloomington but am ready to be home.
Mike and I got a big load of things from the Apt and will be getting the last of it in two weeks. Hope everyone had a great weekend, is enjoying this weather, and I hope everyone has a great week.

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