Monday, October 6, 2008

Many Happenings...

This weekend had alot of stuff going on. Friday I took a CPR class. Came home to Princeton and unloaded TONS of things. I mowed the lawn and Mike went to the woods to set up for hunting. I know some women complain about hunting but I love this season. He gets to go have fun and I have time to clean and scrapbook. Dont get me wrong I love our times together but alone time is nice also. I cleaned the rest of Friday night and organized. I might be crazy but I looooooooooove cleaning and organizing. Saturday we went to Jasper for Evan's band District. They got a gold rating wooohooo. GO OBR. So we will be going to regional in 2 weeks. Then sunday was evans bday so we did our celebration on saturday. We went to eat at garfields, went to grandma coralies, a trip to gamestop, and to chris and crystals house. We had a great time. Sunday I went to my moms to visit before work and my aunt called to give us some bad news. My grandpa was having emergency surgery and we ran over to Jasper. I had to call into work due to my grandpas surgery and to be with family. It ended up better than I thouht and grandpa's surgery went fine and he is recooperating well.
I love this time of year!!!! Although it has warmed up some those few days of true fall weather I was really excited!! The sounds, smells, sights are just amazing in fall. I hope we can get all of out money in order here soon and go get married in Gatlinburg!!!

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