Thursday, June 16, 2011

Awesome and Awful !

You know what's AWESOME?

An amazing summer day!
-Our weekend in Ohio for the family reunion

-Laying out at Holiday World

-Taking care of some really great patients

-Having a clean house

-The orange marking on our lot that proves they will be digging the basement soon

-Cool new neighbors

-Having a spontaneous visit with my daddy

My friend Carri got a new camera!

My husband encouraging me to look into my photog business again

You know what's AWFUL?

-That 2 of my favorite restaurants are closed in Jasper- Quiznos and Subacos

-Taking care of mean patients

-Having to call complete strangers from across the country that they need to fly home to see a very sick family member

-Only seeing my bestie at work for 2.5 seconds because we have sick sick patients all day

-Hubs being at work for like umpteen hundred years

-The fact that I don't look half as good as I feel

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