Wednesday, June 29, 2011

picture pages, picture pages, come and get your picture pages!

WIWW and picture overload from the house!!!
Link on up people! It's neat to see all the dressed up ladies and motivate you to get dressed, which is hard for me :)

White and Blue Tank- GAP
Jeans- Silver

White tank- Gap
Green tank- Maurices
Jeans- Silver

Hubs got all fancied up so I thought I better too :)

Hubs Shirt- Polo
Jeans- Levis

He didn't like how I took the pic so he took over, I love a man in charge! bahaha

This is how boring it is on all my other days, blue scrubs

And fun shiny dansko shoes

And now for the really fun pictures!  The house!

After the rain :(

After the water was cleared and walls poured

Moving right along!


Tamera Beardsley said...

What a lovely loving couple you two are.

Erica said...

Aww thanks your so sweet!