Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hello? Do I know you?

Hello blog followers!
If I still have any :)
If you have quit my blog
your a loser
just kidding
I would have quit following me to by now

I am just relaxing on the couch with my kitties
in my freshly cleaned house
and rejoicing in the fact that every single piece of clothing
in this house is washed except for what is on my body :)
Gosh I love times like these
Summer is starting out soooo awesome!
sorry I havent shared much of it

We have finalized this.....

Thats right, the sold sign is up and the house is staked out
should be starting on the basement soon :)
and we have made friends with our super sweet new neighbors on facebook

the cats have been enjoying the nice cool air conditioning

(sorry Iphone pics are craptastic)
my best friend LO
asked me up to have a little fish fry with her family
so I took some pics of their crew :)
(Long story short this is my family too :) , Lo's husband is my distant cousin)
I have tons more of updates but I am sure I am boring you :)

OH yeah I am gonna combine both my blogs right now bc im lazy, no way right!

so you will be hearing about my fitness stuff on here again

yay for updates!!!

oh and ps.  I am totally on vacation!!!  6 days off to do whatever i want!

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