Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

I have a pretty awesome dad
I am pretty sure he NEVER missed any of my sports when I was younger
Even though I didn't see it back then, he was my biggest fan in sports
and only yelled so that I would be as good as he knew I could be
My dad would and has driven all across the state to help me
When all else fails call Daddy
I love the part of the song "You Lie"
"Well my daddy's gonna straighten you out like a piece of wire, like a piece of wire"
because you bet your butt that if anyone did something bad to me, he would do just that
He works hard and has taught me some of the best things in life
He is honest and tells you like it is (sounds like me huh?) hahaha
Whatever he has told me in the past about friends, boys, life that I once ignored
I see he WAS RIGHT!

Thanks for always being there, loving me no matter what, and teaching me the greater things in life.
Happy Father's Day!


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