Friday, November 18, 2011

24 Days of Thanks { Day 17 and 18 }

Day 17

I'm telling you!
These Days of Thanks are hard to decide!
I wanna do more than one thing
then I get so overwhelmed I end of just trying to think of the little things
Within the last 5 minutes
I have thought about all the wonderful women in my life that I am thankful for!

A grandmother that is the most loving caring woman I have ever met 
Not a bad bone in her body
She always knows exactly what to say
and NEVER NEVER NEVER Judges anyone
she is so forgiving and a true true christian
If I even become half the woman she is I would be truly blessed

A mother who is the true best friend
No matter what, my heart bursts when I think about my mom
I'm even teary eyed typing this as we speak
she means that much to me!!
Life would not be the same without her
No day goes by that I don't talk to her
I just can't, I HAVE to have some kind of contact everyday

A Sister in Law that is the most amazing mother and wife
she is a true saint
I love watching her interact with my nephews
and she is an amazing teacher
she is one person that I see that is truly doing what they were put on earth for
to be a teacher and mother

Oh man and all my friends, Aunts, Mike's mom Marge,
gosh the list could go on and on about the amazing women in my life
I have to say it's all these different women that make me who I am
And for that I am SO SO Thankful!

Day 18

Today on my walk/run I was listening to my music
and thinking about all kinds of things
I always forget how much I love "Me" time when I run
I don't even remember what I was thinking about
but I suddenly stopped
took in a huge breath of the cold air and thought......

What if I could never do this again?
I take life and the little things for granted
Life can flash right before your eyes
I just want to grab hold of it and hold on tight
I want to embrace every moment of it!
I get so caught up in things I don't have
or things I can't control
I just need to really count my blessings!

As I was thinking of all this I was approaching our house
and I thought wow the sky is always beautiful here
Maybe because we have finally found our place
our home
the place we want to stay

Happy Friday!

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