Tuesday, November 8, 2011

24 Days of Thanks { Day 8 }

I don't know about you but I am having trouble with this 24 days of thanks.
I have TOO MANY things I am thankful for to even put it into one thing a day!
I think all day long, man I'm thankful for that, and well of course I'm thankful for that.
There are so many blessings big and small all around us.
So with these posts, trust me I have tons to be thankful for but I am trying to think outside the box
Each day, something that I am thankful for. Big or Small.

Today, I am Thankful for long beautiful car rides.
The kind that you listen to your favorite music.
You roll down the window to feel the cool breeze go thru your hair.
The kind of drive that you think about life and just "think".
It's amazing to me that most my thinking is done in the car.
(I promise I still focus on the road!)
It's time to yourself.
It's time to reflect.
Time to take in the beautiful scenery.
Although the drive I took today wasn't really "for a good thing"
it was a great drive.
Happy Tuesday!

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