Sunday, November 13, 2011


I am not going to write much today because I am an emotional blubbering mess.
So most my pictures will tell the happy part of the day.

Long story short like I told Hubs
I never knew how many times in one day your heart could feel so happy it could bust
then so sad it breaks.

But Life it's crazy and beautiful all at the same time.....

This "old" man turned 50!  Happy Birthday Uncle Tom

Great Cake Jessica!

Some of the yummy food




We are still learning to share in the seal family hahaha

The maker of this wonderful family

I love how my dad interacts with the grandkids, makes my heart ache for him to do this with my children someday

Love my SIL

Happy Bday Tommy

Babies and Kids all around!

If only Hubs was in this picture, the men that complete my life!

Missed the rest of the brothers and sisters :)  I'd give anything to have our WHOLE family together again

Best I could get, note to self, bring tripod next time!

So lucky to have a grandpa like him!

See why my heart could bust with love and happiness!!!
You don't wanna hear about the heartache
Happy Sunday

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Courtney, Jeff, Ayla & Leah said...

i love you. period. ps. i love loren's face in the fam pic (so him)