Monday, March 14, 2011

blooper-d-dooper and a rockin good photog

my bff SANDY
is an AMAZING photographer
like bring tears to your eyes amazing

she is doing a blooper contest
there are a ton of bloopers in the life of the Snells
i couldn't find the one i really wanted to enter
but i did enter a great one of hubs

Story:  I always dreamed of my wedding day getting flowers and a note (like you see on movies).  I wrote this cute little note and had my SIL deliver it to Mike.  Welllllll, he wasn't quite so prepared, so what do you do?  Grab some toilet paper and write one back!  Yes, I still have that piece of toilet paper in my keepsake box :)
you should probably head over to her facebook
and like her page and like hubs pic :)

ANYWAYS enough about me

like i said is amazing
i pretty much have to talk to her everyday!
no, i am not biased since she is my bff
i am being truthful!!
like check this out.....

now thats what i call an adorable pic!
check her site out, facebook her, set up an appt!
and tell her i sent ya
even just leave a sweet comment
comments are always great for a photog :)

Love ya Sandy!

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