Thursday, March 3, 2011


my iphone and email and internet and blog
are totally not linking up satelites
so once again you will not be blessed with running pictures
i know your so sad
its ok dont cry
the satelites linked up

today was my "off" day, "rest" day
well I couldnt do it so
i took it "easy"

Ran 1 mile Walked 1/2 mile

if you dont own a "sweatyband" you should probably go buy one, They ROCK!

2 miles BOOYAH!! see i told you just a nasty hot mess

1/2 way done with a 1 mile "easy" run

must keep going!

one of gods many wonders, a beautiful sunset to finish out a nice run
Happy Thursday! Its almost the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!


Carri said...

You are out of control! love it!

Sandy said...

I love how you take pictures while you run lol, that's awesome