Sunday, March 6, 2011

a fail = success and a love note

i had the best of intentions to make hubs a cake
well those intentions went out the back door
since i am working almost everyday now
so today i thought i would make brownies
no oil= fail
but my ingenious friend SANDY
told me that applesauce will work plus
make it healthier
i did just that
it actually turned out more like a cake!

i sang hubs happy birthday
after all the dogs in the neigborhood stopped barking
we enjoyed this yummy cake/brownie thing

Dear Hubs,

thanks for being so awesome,
providing for us and making me soooooo happy
you make me a better person
and i cant wait to spend many more bdays with you

Happy 37th Birthday Old Man


1 comment:

Sandy said...

YAY!!!!! Happy Birthday to Hubster! Hope you enjoyed the brownie cake! :)