Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Its that time!

its time for whats on my phone
if you have never played
check it

someone found the marker and decided he needed a mole hahaha

hubs loves when i take his pic, cant ya tell!! :)

snuggle buddies, kinda makes me wanna puke!

oh hey mom just chillin in your basket

aww look if i snuggle enough he will give me some of his corona

esme" i bet they cant see me up here"

its just a big mess of cats around here

totally one of the ideas for our new house

and i leave you with our "smartest child" "i sleep better all sprawled out" dork!

Happy Tuesday!


No Model Lady said...

I love that headboard!! So sweet:)

Kali Matthews (Stockton, Ca) said...

Haha, my husband hates when I take his picture, too. HATES it. Cute kitties. :)