Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Reality tv smackdown

ugggh seriously do i have to say anything???
the bachelor was uber annoying
typical guy goes after the girl that isn't sure and
throws away the one who is head over heals with him
seriously if i was in the audience
i would have punched brad in the face
after the disrespect and
unbelievable behavior he showed towards Chantal
i seriously cried my eyes out for her
he went from yummy and charming to
ugly and cruel in a hot second
TYPICAL guy!! seriously i am so mad
which leads me to my next point
i am a horrible person because of my obsession with reality TV
seriously i have internal conflict when reality shows go awry
I'm still waiting on Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson to get back together
i want Jon and Kate plus 8 to be a family again
and each time a new bachelor comes out i am dying to see how it turns out
am i the only person like this???
seriously its kinda crazy!
i told hubs that i am never watching the bachelor again!! (yeah right)

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