Sunday, March 6, 2011

party on wayne! party on garth!

wasn't waynes world a classic!
if youve been reading
you probably know that we celebrated hubs birth this weekend
and we all know he is old
(i'm really kidding about the old)

you gotta take naps before you celebrate!

oops caught me!

birthday boy

hubs, brad, and donna

beautiful donna our lovely DD

mmm beer

i sooooo wish i had a flash on my iphone or i had my recorder on.  yes hubs won dance contests when he was younger, he is pretty proud, we went to an 80s club and he went crazy! only guy in the middle of a ton of women!
ending the night right

yes he seriously bought a case of 30 burgers, blechhhh actually it was my first time eating white castle and it was tasty..... for a little bit, good thing i run 2 miles a day!
now this is what we are all doing today

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