Wednesday, March 9, 2011


over the last 2 days i have been completely frustrated
you know the kind??
the kind that
anything anyone says you wanna punch em in the face
everything gets on your nerves
you feel like you are just barely treading water
you just wanna scream!

yeah ive had those days
still can't figure out why
but it happens
i think once hubs and i get over
all this working and into our house
i will be better

yesterday i was uber PO'd that it started raining when i got home
so i thought i my aswell break out the treadmill

Then I realized how much i hate the treadmill and like running outside so I let the cats play on it

it was my rest day but i needed to relax so i

Ran 1.5 miles Walked 1/4 mile

then today i can't even count on my hands
the amount of people i wanted to punch
people are just lazy and have a million excuses
i am kinda going crazy because i cant just tell people to shut it!

so i came home and took out some frustration

Ran 3 miles Walked 1/4 mile

dun dun dun nuh uber dork!  wow i need my sweatyband in a bad way!

i am finally starting to feel good about food
i realize i dont want to crap on what i did for the day (run)
so i eat good stuff like this

mmmm veggie sub
ok i feel better now
dont worry i am not really this hostile
i just like to sound big and bad :)
The End

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