Monday, September 26, 2011

Worst blogger of the month award

I have been officially named worst blogger of the month

it's ok I will make up for it :)

Give me a few days and I will get warmed back up

Oh and just in case you were wondering Facebook is Dumb and Pinterest Rocks!

You won't see me much on the new FB because apparently I am dumb and can't figure anything out and well I rather pin stuff and read blogs anyway.

For being such good followers (everyone who keeps reminding me I haven't blogged for a while :) )

I am gonna do an old school What's on my Phone post!

Your welcome :)

hubs and I on our haircut and home depot date, we keep it real around here!

Our gift from the bank for buying our house, yes hubs car is dirtyyyyy!

First dinner in our new house!

keepin it real on Pinterest for my Loey

Why yes I am crafty and made this ;)

life is good in a new house, even better with 3 furbabies!

whatchu talkin bout willis!!!

Happy Monday!!

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