Tuesday, September 27, 2011

House Tour: Our Office

I have been working on organizing and decorating our new home
I have been hitting up pinterest for everything!
I saw this pin of a cute wall organizer from PB (pottery barn)
So I am working on a knock off snell affordable version.
I still need to get one more square cork board and file holder.

I gotta admit, before we moved into our house
I spent days on the couch (if I wasn't working) and watched TV and movies

Alot of people talked about how they never watched tv.
I was like what?????????
What do you do with your time?

Well Welcome to being a home owner haha
I want to clean, organize, and decorate from sun up to sun down!

I always wanted to do the home tour when the blog world was doing it.
So now that I have my own home I'm gonna do my own little tour.

First up is the office.......

A while back I repurposed the old desk I used when  I was a kid

Messy craft Closet ( upcoming project)

Another Pinterest Idea, cardboard S wrapped with black yarn and white fabric flowers


Carri said...

Love you PB knock off! Seriously who wants to pay a bajillion dollars for their stuff when you can do it yourself so much cheaper!! Can't wait for the rest of the tour :)

Leigh Rinas said...

The house looks great!! It seems like you guys just started building it, but then again, my life is moving incredibly fast. Love and miss you!

P.S. another great design idea..Sophomore year, I has this amazing teacher. I made her name spelled out with those decorative wood letters you can pick up at craft stores, and spray glued felt and other fabric on to the front and wrapped them around the sides. Then I put decorative words on them like Family, Dance, Friends, Laugh, Love, etc. If I can get picture of them I will!! I think it cost me like 15$

Erica said...

Thanks girls!

Leigh! We miss you! Thats a awesome idea. I am soooo glad you started a blog, I can't wait to follow along!