Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Ok so while we struggle to have little ones
Our Furbabies keep us happy :)

I know it probably isn't as fun to see our cats as kids but this is our world now
and I believe somedays it is just like having kids!

Esme is our little love doodle that we just can't wait to see what she does next
She is white with blue crossed eyes
it is something genetically with cats that if they are white and have blue eyes they are deaf
she is also partially blind
so her main sense is feeling
when we first got her we held her up to our necks and talked to her
so she tries to get right up next to us when we talk to her
she has a little problem with personal space :)

She has the craziest meow and doesnt realize how loud she is.
It is pretty stinking hilarious and I want to get it on video sometime

Everytime we come home from work or being out I think she has seperation anxiety
When we walk in if she is not sleeping you can hear her meowing
and you can find her doing this.....

Yes, whatever clothes we have laying around she will carry them everywhere in her mouth
so we come home to clothes all over the place
it is pretty hilarious!

Oh the live of a furbaby mother :)

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