Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wine Cheese and Art Festival 2011

  The lovely and talented Sandy recently was asked to show off her work
at Washington's Wine Cheese and Art Festival
She asked me to come help her and I of course instantly said yes!
We always have a blast and I was so excited she was recognized for her work.
She is truly amazing and you should check her out onFacebook and her Website!

It was also so nice to see my hometown do something like this
As I sat on good ol Main St I thought,
Why didn't they do stuff like this before the town kinda went downhill?
Or maybe I just never paid attention.

It was absolutely wonderful to see all the vendors and locals having a good time.
Thanks for asking me to come Sandy, Love you much!!

The print I wanted to buy so bad for our foyer.

Miss Sandy with her booth

Metal prints are awesome!!

Another metal print

Regular Edit

Vintage Edit

B/W Edit

Mommy and her friends :)

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