Tuesday, September 6, 2011

randomosity dude!

yes, I am going to post a totally random blog of thoughts and pictures
thanks in advance for sticking with my craziness
you get brownie points for this one!

- I am currently listening to Rascal Flatts Melt CD (yes I am oldschooling it tonight!)
- Did you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE Rascal flatts???
- The windows are open and I am loving it!
- My cats are laying in the window, yes they are as awesome as their mother!
- Why yes I am watching the Disney Channel and always do, BOOM!!!
-  I have 12 different tabs opened of blogs I am stalking right now
- I wish I could be a stay at home wife and be all wifey, ya know?
- We have the cutest nephews in the world that love laying on our new carpet

- yes the pic is upside down, and yes I am too lazy to fix it :)
- I am OCD and almost everything we own is in a box, labeled and packed
- It is driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- I follow this awesome blog called Dear Lizzy and I soooo want a video of me and hubs like her hubby makes!!!
- Does anybody know any videographers that do that in the area?
- Our crazy cat Esme is doing this as I write this post....

- She takes after her father ;) hahahahaha
-It is taking me like an hour to write this post
- I can't wait to get in our house so I can organize and decorate.

Ok, I think my randomness is finished and I feel better :)
Thanks for listening to my crazyness.
Final Walkthrough on the house tomorrow! Boooooooooooooom!


My Sweet Pea said...

Hey girl! Thanks for the crazy posts! I am glad your house is coming along so well! I am glad I get to see your pics on here, love that! Hey if you do get rid of some of your scrapbooking stuff, I might want it. I need to start scrapbooking since Abbie has started school and can't really afford to buy that stuff like I would like. I love your blog and I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!!!

Andrea said...

I loved that post.. it was fun to read.. I'm soo guilty of watching "Good Luck Charlie" on Disney when Kobe isn't around lol..