Sunday, September 4, 2011

My brain needs a nap and you don't want to miss the ending.

So for some reason some posts are really easy for me to write then other ones I just go totally brain dead.  I go around all day doing stuff and thinking oh I want to blog about that or oh take that pic that will be cute on the blog!  Then it comes down to it and I have a brain fart.  I have about 5 different drafts in my edit posts tab.  I am pretty sure my blonde hair has finally taken over my brain.

One thing that I am finally getting a chance to write about is getting rid of all the excess "things" when we move.  I always love a clean slate.  I love giving away things that I am sure will be of good use for others.  Anyways what my blonde brain is trying to say is that I am getting ready to get rid of a ton of things!!!!  I thought about doing a yard sale (I always hate doing them after I get started on them), ebaying stuff (I am ebay illiterate and find it more of a pain than anything) or craigslisting (well I am just not into it).  So I figured I would try and help someone out or give our stuff to people that will actually benefit from it.  Off the top of my head I know that I will have a ton of mens and womens clothes and scrubs.  Kitchen items.  Scrapbooking and crafting items.  Among other things.  I am slowly starting to realize we dont need THIS MUCH STUFF!  So if you know someone that is in need of any clothes or things for their home and I will see if I got what they need,  email me at  Here in a few weeks I will make a list and take pics for anyone that is interested.  There are some clothes that are name brand that I have never even worn but maybe once.  (you know when you think "someday" I will fit in them again).  Thanks so much :)

Oh and by the way, DOESNT IT FEEL AWESOME OUT!!! :)

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Sandy Clarke said...

you know I love your style (house and clothes) so I'd jump on that chance :) Love ya babygirl!