Thursday, January 20, 2011

a massacre and snow

so your probably wondering what the h!!!!
that looks like a massacre!!!

so its not what you think or even what i thought
it goes like this
i get a txt from hubs saying
care to guess what that is (it was a picture of esmes hair all red)
i flipped
i was like seriously i just lost one cat
ima go crazy if i lost another
i instantly called hubs from work and said
what in the world!!
well let me just let you guess what our silly cat did

thats right gooftroop pulled over the candlewarmer
shes so silly
please dont go dialing KPS (kitty protective services)
we made sure she wasnt burnt and called the vet
we shaved what we could and the rest is just supposed to grow out
atleast she smells good :)

oh and i almost forgot
decor for valentines day is in the making
i love LoVe DaY!

i HATE snow days!
and yes i am going to whine about it
all you people that are gripeing about us
gripeing about snow you can get over it :)
this was my drive home  from work
2 hrs!

this was my ride there
1 hr and 45 mins

I think that gives me a little reason to whine

ok i think thats it
a nicer blog comes tomorrow
i promise :)

1 comment:

Sandy said...

uh...yeah I'd say that's reason to complain. 3 hrs and 45 minutes worth of driving in that weather. GUH! At least you got home safely (even though you were taking pictures while driving? U nuts? Nevermind...know that answer ;) LOL!) Love ya!