Sunday, January 23, 2011

an addiction, a breakthrough, and slight withdrawal......and some other goodies

DISCLAIMER: this is an extremely long post, if your anything like me i get annoyed with long posts. i actually just quit reading them and move on to the next but you might not want to miss this one.

that's right
we have some catching up to do!
hi my name is Erica
and i am an addict
i am an addict to alot of things
no its not what you think or what it sounds like
i dont do drugs
im not that crazy!
but i do have a very addictive personality
if i like something i will be obsessed
its quite weird actually
i could write a whole blog about my addictions to things
but we will save that for another day
wow i feel better now :) that i got that off my chest
ok so here goes
there is this evil little thing called facebook
its an noun, verb, adjective
it became a way of life
it has these uber creepy superpowers
it pulls you in
it entices you with "keeping up with your friends and family"
whatevs its just big brother trying to fake us out
SIDENOTE: (yes i am ADHD)
my beautiful super artistic friend Jaime
introduced me to Angie
another beautiful artistic woman
(on back on track)
they say it best HERE
really? are you guys like in my head or something?
yes read it, let it sink in
i did it, i took the plunge
i DELETED facebook
thats right cold turkey
i am having a little withdrawal here and there
but nothing a little loving from hubs can't fix
jk sorry that was for my friend Heather D ;)
actually truth be told i feel amazing without it
i was asked numerous times
well, i am going to call, write, txt, visit, email
you know the things we used to do!
it will no longer be: great seeing you, do you facebook, i will keep in touch there
it will now be: oh it's so nice seeing you, i havent seen you in forever, lets have lunch and catch up
bring pictures of your family, heck bring your kids and hubs
ok i feel better now
im not saying you have to do this
i am just saying if you want a support buddy
i am here for you :)
we can beat this addiction!

moving on
the slumber party!
i helped my friend DONNA
throw a slumber party birthday for her Addie
it was so fun!
games, food, movies, gossip
* i must admit me and donna were the coolest party planners
it was pretty rad
scavenger hunt, pizza, pin the tail on the donkey, dance party and more!
donna and i watched
Easy A
when the girls got tired of hanging with us old women
that movie is great!

1 comment:

Donna said...

Thank you soooo much for all your help with the slumber party, Addie said it was the BEST birthday party ever! You came up with some really cool ideas and I must say I had a blast myself! So thanks again , you are the best ! btw love the pics !!