Saturday, January 8, 2011

Night out on the town......

Hubs had a friday night off work
so what do you do???
grab two of our closest friends
and act like kids again!
pictures dont even begin to explain the night
we may or may not have
(please stop reading if you get easily offended :)
eaten everything in sight at bobes
bought bottles of boones farms
went backroading
peed on the side of the road
called a love/sex hotline
went to the casino
and stayed out till 5 am.

TJ and Donna have never eaten Bobes, so we got one of everything hahahahaha!

backseat drivers :) 

Love birds

Love birds bustin a move!
Most fun we have had in a long time!
Still smiling about it :)

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Donna said...

I must say it felt good to let loose and have some fun and who better to do it with, but two friends who are just as fun and wacky as we We had such a good time :)Thanks again you guys ! (and yes we had a designated driver for all of you who are wondering, we like to have fun, but we are not ;)