Saturday, January 15, 2011

happy 5th (going on 15) birthday miss abbie!!!

my cousin little miss abbie
turned 5 yesterday
we stuffed ourselves with mexican and cake
it was quite awesome
i totally forgot to take a picture of her gift, silly me
we got her pink and red tights with hearts
a shirt with a heart
and made her a tutu :)
phooey, i wish i had a picture now

ps. loren NO i will not take this cute picture off :) just sayin

ps. i am still doing life 365
i just figure i post a pic(s) everyday

he's going thru a stage where aunt ee sucks but i still love him anyway! poor little stinker was sick most of the party but was in full attention for presents :)


Caroline and Kyle said...

what camera do you use? your pictures are always so cool! Is it editing? I'm trying to learn cool ways to edit pics! HELP :)

Andrea said...

Friday Miss Abbie came in preschool and told me she "is five today and she had mi pueblo for lunch" lol she's hilarious..