Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WIWIWW!!!!!!!! and some other junk.....

Let me just start with THIS.  Hilarious and besides the fact that it is so true.  I hope my photog friends tuck this little nugget in the back of their brains.  I sure am, that is if I ever go back into the business.

Ok so I am in this little competition well it's really a big competition but nonetheless big brother (BB) was being a asshat buttface competitor tonight.......DISCLAIMER:me and my brother joke, we arent fighting

BB- -5.5 (meaning 5.5 lbs lost)

Me- no way!!!!!!!!!!!!! (as I run to the scale)

Me- same here!!! with a huge pic of me with 5 lbs lost too

BB- Oh Yeah

Me- I even sent you proof hahahaha (while screaming booyah)

BB- Nice, But your scale might be different

Me- Thanks alot big brother!!!!!!

BB- We are in Competition now, I want your money

Me-  Hahaha Touche!!

Moral of the story I am going to win and he is going to lose.  Just sayin!!

Fun nature walks = Not dreadful exercise
Now onto the good stuff.  What I wish I wore Wednesday.......









Caroline and Kyle said...

I have that black dress in gray! I love it!!!

Erica said...

I love everything you wear! haha its funny I picked one you have :)

Carri said...

I would also like Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Carri said...

So I checked out your other link...just so you know when you take our pictures again (because you WILL DO IT even if your are technically "out of commission"!!) I'm not going to "roll you in anything or *bleep* you because I think you are well worth the price ;)

Courtney, Jeff, Ayla & Leah said...

If I do your laundry will you let me borrow all those clothes? Or maybe I could do some chores for you and you could just buy them for me?

Roar! said...

Good luck on your goal!

Andrea said...

That link was hilarious!! And I have faith you can beat your Brother lol!

Erica said...

Carri- seriously rolling laughing! you make me smile so much, you rock! But I like being rolled in bleep sauce bahahhaha jk jk

Courtney- I like the way you think! When I lose all my weight I am sooo hiring you to be my fashion guru.

Thanks Rebecca and Andrea