Thursday, January 6, 2011

Date night!

Had a little date night with my main squeeze.
It was pretty Rad.
We ate yummy food.
Laughed. Alot.
Saw Little Fockers.
You know the uze.

So my Day 6 of {Life 365} wasn't too shabby.

If you look very closely, you can see planner came on the date with us :)

Super Blurry but Hubs was trying to be cute and snap the pic early, or by accident, not so sure, but this is how I look at him all the time :)
Now onto the funny.
You have seen Chris a few times.
Please Chris Don't kill me if you even read this blog.
This is all Mikes fault.
I came home from work.
Hubs comes running up with my camera,
"You gotta see this, you gotta put this on your blog!!!!" 

In Hubs Words " See tell all them blog people Im not the only one that has all the p^$*%"

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