Sunday, January 16, 2011


recently my beautiful friend CAROLINE asked me a question about my pictures
i looooove when people ask me questions
it is a super awesome compliment
and plus i love to talk/write (whatevs)

Caroline asked:
what camera do you use? your pictures are always so cool! Is it editing? I'm trying to learn cool ways to edit pics! HELP :)

i am a canon girl, i am a nikon snob
actually im really not, its just funny to say
i LOVE my camera
it is a bit expensive but i REALLY value good pictures

i also use a canon lens
if you do not do pro photog you can do a 3rd party lens
but i definately recommend a professional lens if you are getting paid to take pictures

i use the old school photoshop
i like it, it works
so i keep it
i really need to upgrade
but im content

some people like to use Picnik for free
and a very reasonable price for upgrade
i would never use this if you are making money off of photography
but just for fun and personal use its great

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