Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What's on my phone Tuesday

it's that time again!

i apologize for a boring one
i am still a little sad
thanks for all the sweet words from everyone

onward, the show must go on

RIP Jinxy :(
Serenity says mommy, This thing is comfy I don't know why you cuss at it!

She's simple, give her a break. :)


Hubs said he was taking care of eating all the bad stuff so I dont have too.....
I get this stuff

I love getting txts with this little snow cutie in it.

Love birds boogy-n down!

"what are you looking at lady??? just chillin with my dad!"


The WholeFamDamily said...

sorry to hear about your sweet kitty...hope you're doing ok.
it's no fair how guys can eat whatever or just exercise a little and they stay fit or lose weight. jerks. ;)
i love all your goals on the side and your rewards, i need to make a rewards list so i stick with it!!

Valinda said...

My 6 year old loved all the kitty pictures!

Estell said...

oh god I love the kittys!! youre funny :D
Love birds are adorable! Wish my man danced with me lol

Angela said...

Oh man, I just read your last post and I'm crying. I'm so sorry hun. I'm a cat person too, I know how special they are. Your kitties are too cute :) Mine feature too much on my blog, but they are very cute if you wanna check them out :)
Ang xxx

julielollar said...

So sorry about your kitty. :(
I love your cat pictures. I'm dieting too. No fun! Especially when the hubby shows you what he's eating... I love the dancing picture! :D