Wednesday, December 15, 2010

11 Things

This beautiful and hilarious momma over at The Whole FamDamily did a cool post.

I like to change it up, do a little something different.

It is 11 Things you DO NOT need in your life in the new year.....

1.  I DONT need JEALOUSY,  it is a bad habit of mine.  I see things other have and get uber jealous of them.  It is a horrible trait.

2.  I DONT need to PUT MYSELF DOWN.  Everyday  I find something wrong with the way I look.  I don't ever appreciate myself.

3.  I DONT need to NAG my hubby about working too much and not being home alot.  I take for granted the hard work he does and the things he provides.  I also need to quit being a whiney butt when I dont see him for a few days.  There are millions of families that go months to years without seeing their loved ones because they are in the military.

4.  I DONT need to CARE WHAT OTHERS THINK.  I am always saying I can't say this or do that because someone might be offended or get mad.  Say what you want and Say how you feel without regrets.

5.  I DONT need TO WORRY ABOUT GETTING PREGNANT.  I am super psycho about getting pregnant.  I want nothing more than to have a child.  Stressing doesn't help plus I need to enjoy this time with hubs.

6.  I DONT need to take the PERFECT PICTURE.  Now that I am not doing Photography I can breathe.  Relax and take pictures for fun :)

7.  I DONT need to BE ADDICTED TO FACEBOOK.  I am on it 24/7.  I like some aspects of facebook but really do I need to know when someone went to the bathroom, who their latest fling is or where they are every 5 minutes??? No!

8.  I DONT need THINGS.  I love having new things but they are just that, things.  I want to give more.  Be happy with what I have.

9.  I DONT need to FIX THINGS.  When someone comes to me in a time of need I just want to FIX it.  I need to realize they probably just want to talk not have me fixing everything.

10.  I DONT need to be SO VOCAL.  I am pretty sure not everyone wants to know what I think and feel all the time.  At work I don't shut up, I always have an opinion. (YES I AM QUITE AWARE THIS CONTRADICTS # 4)  It's totally different!  I swear.
11.  I DONT need SOFT DRINKS.  Seriously another addiction.  What do they really do for you anyways?????

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