Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What I wish I wore Wednesday..... {WIWIWW}

Ok, so it is not a secret that I have a horrible self image.  Actually inside I picture this cute full figure with an idea of what something will look like.... Then I put it on, look in the mirror and realize THAT IS NOT WHAT I PICTURED!!  So I have decided to start a What I wish I wore Wednesday.  Maybe it will get my booty in gear and someday I will be a part of the What I wore Wednesday.  Wow!  Thats alot of W's!!!

Oufits from Banana Republic 

Fave one! So me!

Day 29 {31 Days of December}

Picture of something that can always make you smile

This is one of our first Dates.  I am smiling just looking at it. 

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