Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cheater Cheater :)

Ok So I had this whole thing planned out where I was going to video Coop again opening his big present from Dad and see how excited he was.  Well you know what happens when you plan things!!  Coop totally cheated me out of my big camera moment! haha That's ok because he was hilarious anyway.

Let me set the stage...... 

We are at my dads new unfinished home.  It was totally awesome we had a charlie brown tree and everthing!  Even had to set in lawnchairs :)  Anywho, Coop really wanted a Gator.  Dad had it all nice and neat in the sitting room.  The wrapping was actually fabulous for a guy.  We all were sitting there talking and noticed COOP was headed for the sitting room!!  He let out a huge giggle and away he went without even a second he ripped the wrapping paper off in one swoop!!!!  I missed the moment, ohhhhhhhh noooooooooooo (you know the sound you hear on Christmas story when Ralphie comes down with soap poisoning)!!!!!  Oh well got his super sweet driving skills:)  Drives just like aunt EE.  He almost ran me over and alot of other things too!  Sorry about the screaming in the video.  We were all having a awesome time and hopped up on sugar!! 

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