Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 28 {31 Days of December}

Day 28-picture of something you are afraid of .....

Seriously this pic has to stay small and to be honest I kinda threw up in my mouth when I added it.  Scariest thing ever!! I mean UBER CREEPY!!!  I am so afraid of this that even the commercials on TBS make me cringe. UGHHHH

This little Gem. I bought for myself because after today no more gifts for me its save save save!! I am working extra the next few months to save up money for a super special bday gift for hubs and also for our new house.  I am OCD about organization, lists, calendars, pictures, heck I'm OCD about everything!  You should probably get one for yourself too!  It pretty much rocks.  Oh I guess I should have made a disclaimer that if you spend all your money on this cute site I can't be held liable :)


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