Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 5 and 6 {25 days of Joy}

Day 5:  This is a pic hubs took of my mom, donna, addie, and I with my phone at the Journey to Bethlehem.  I love going to the journey everyear.  It brings me joy by reminding me of the true meaning of Christmas.  Had such a good time with Hubs, mommy, and friends :)
Day 6:  Our Charlie Brown Tree

This little tree brings me joy bc of its simplicity:)

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Jessie said...

Awe we aren't working journey this year or I would have seen you! I told dusty that I just couldn't leave my babies for those long hours that many nights after working all day. Glad you enjoyed it. Love your joy posts and pics :)

PS you look more like your mom everyday!!!!!