Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Whats on Erica's Phone!!!

Seriously I think I just had a heart attack again looking at this!

Me Likey, Christmas Tree with lots o presents!

Can she get any cuter??

Chill Serenity! Quit giving me the stinkeye!

Apparently I am too inept to work the Self Checkout, good thing I have a good friend like Donna.  Oh and PS she makes me do silly things I have nothing to do with or come up with any of the outalandish silly things we do. wink wink and also sorry if you are offended with the next picture.  I think.

Doesn't your Taco Bell serve these straws???? bahhahahaah

I can't decide who is more yummy!!!

I love working with Brandy!!!!

YES I Watch cartoon christmas shows!! Don't you?????????

Dill Weed for the Dill Weed!!

Coop you are supposed to help make this biscuits not give it zerberts!

I took a bite out of a chip and got this.  Maybe it is a sign that I love food too much.

Hubs look uber goofy in this pic but oh so cute!
Wow I feel better now :)


Sandy said...

I'm dying!!!! LMAO!

Michelle said...

Those self checkouts are a pain in my rear end. I always try them and end up needing assistance.

They serve those straws where I am from ha ha.

Angela said...

Naww, your cats are too cute!
Ang xxx

The WholeFamDamily said...

ok, first please send me some holiday yummy goodness you keep making.

second, I WANT THOSE STRAWS!!! LOL...but seriously, where did you get them?

i really like how you've decorated your tree!!

my fave: dillweed for the dillweed. LOL

Erica said...

Hahah Hillary those straws were from Spencers (gag gift store in malls).

Merry Christmas Everbody!!!!

HunDuddle Hussy said...

u have no idea how badly i've been craving a cheesteak sandwich and ur picture just made me almost make out with the screen. I WANT THAT FOOD.

and the straws? hilarious.