Sunday, December 19, 2010

Random Thoughts...

Why Yes, we did eat Taco Bell tonight because I didn't want to do dishes.
Dont Judge :)
I can't spell.
It's quite apparent when looking at my blogs.
You all probably think all I care about are cat's and food.
Oh and I have horrible grammar too.
Sorry Teachers.
We are trying to simplify our lives.
Yet, I will scratch your eyes out if you take away my IPhone.
Just Sayin.
I am a completely organized person but feel unorganized all the time.
I know it's a disease.
I'm ready for the new year.
I have a good feeling about it.


Courtney, Jeff, Ayla & Leah said...

Is it ok if I am a little scared of you right now? hehe kidding. Though I have not had Taco Bell since HS. SOunds icky.... not judging though hehe Hope you feel some peace this week

Courtney, Jeff, Ayla & Leah said...

ps. i like cats and food alot too

Erica said...

hehe sorry I didnt mean to sound psycho :)I hope you guys have a wonderful week and Happy Birthday to Jesus Day!