Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What's on Erica's Phone!!!

Hi My name is Mike TJ and Chris we are 30+ years old and we like video games :)

Don't you like to take pictures of the snow????

Seriously thought she was gonna fall off!

Don't you like my colt's sleeping bag???  Gotta keep my nerf gun by my side in case any Patriots fans show up!

Sisterly love


ummmmm???? can you say sprawling!

White Christmas

Doesn't your kids need a helmet when you are cooking??? No??? My nephew does!

Why yes I went to the post office in these smurf sweatpants, dont me hatin!

Somehow I don't think this is a  "towel" in the towel basket.

Go Colts!  He could probably play better than the team at this point.

West Baden, step back in time.

Merry Christmas Babies!  New Bed!

Gotta love snow when hubs is driving.

The cat's in the bag!! hehe sorry Had to!

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